Protec AirCraft Interiors

In PROTEC our goal is to provide a quality service.

Who we are?

PROTEC AIRCRAFT INTERIORS is a company dedicated to the manufacture, maintenance and renovation interior of all types of aircraft . our goal is to provide quality service and excellence , which together with the experience gained in over 30 years in the field of aviation and dedication of the team result in the total satisfaction of our customers.


Achieve preference, predilection and better acceptance , always conducted as a slogan the highest perfection in every task , all based on the work carried out with the best imported and certified for aeronautical bouquet raw material.


Being the leader in manufacturing, renovation and maintenance of aircraft in Mexico, offering our customers the best service, attention and appreciation for each work.

Our services

We work under strict quality standards and specialize in the replacement of leather and sheepskin seats both cabins, carpet in general, headliner, window panels (sides) and cargo / luggage compartment, as well as the replacement of polyester and veneer in galleys, service tables, bulkheads and elbow pads, all the raw material used has flame retardant, in accordance with FAA certification 25.853 FAA, as well as authorized for the manufacture of engine covers, sleeves for pitot tubes and static ports.

Our Values

Within our company it is very important to highlight what are the values ​​we adopt as they allow us to define ourselves as an organization.


The main reason for our work is a satisfied customer.


Each and every one of our projects are delivered on time, with neatness and efficiency that each client deserves.


Supported by over 30 years of experience.


We improve every day, looking for the best raw material through the best national and foreign suppliers, as well as the continuous improvement of our staff.


Each of the services we offer seeks to satisfy the needs of our customers through specialized products.

Seat Design

Change of designs at the customer's choice.

Furniture Store

Furniture manufacturing

Challenger 604

Re-upholstered passenger cabin seats


Polyester replacement in furniture industry in general


Replacement lining in headliner and sides, as well as re-upholstered seats

Floor carpet

Replacing carpets and making rugs